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President's Welcome

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It's an honor to serve as your President of our wonderful Santa Barbara United Nations Association. I've long admired and respected the work of the United Nations in the world. From humanitarian and refugee aid, to working for peace and multilateral partnership, to dealing with the crises of our times, the United Nations has persevered and helped the world.


I've served as a delegate to UN Women and the Generation Equity Forums in Paris and Mexico City. I've also conducted forums on human trafficking, and produced events for UN International Day of the Women. I am most proud of our Santa Barbara UNA Peace Prize, awarded to people in our community waging the cause of peace in the world, developing infrastructure for emerging nations, or pursuing the cause of Human Rights. 

I encourage you to join us, and be part of bringing the work of the United Nations to our community, and connecting our community with the world. 

Sharon Byrne

Board Members

Gail Gillies

Membership Chairperson

Barbara Muller

Vice President


Advocacy Chairperson

GenUN Chairperson

Judith Muller

Spiritual Advisor

Nancy Martin

Education Chairperson

Debbie Cregan

Outreach Chairperson,

Ventura County

Imke Bomer

Board Member

Catherine Ross

Board Member

Denise Williams

Community Relations Chairperson

Douglas Gillies

Board Member

Kelly Fischer

Outreach Chairperson,

San Luis Obispo County

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