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Global Leadership Begins with Us


The World Needs Your Voice

Whether it’s standing up for human rights, eliminating extreme poverty, putting an end to human trafficking, combating climate change, or protecting refugees, the UN is working to build a brighter future by confronting the planet’s most complex challenges – but it can’t do it alone. While the UN is standing up for the world, we’re standing up for the UN.

Are You With Us?

Our grassroots movement is fighting to ensure the UN is able to continue its vital work by advocating for strong U.S. leadership at the UN. Making our voices heard at home, in Washington, online, and more, we make sure Congress gets the message: Our country must pull its weight and pay its share on the world stage.


of American voters believe that it’s important for the U.S. to maintain an active role within the UN.


The average American pays just $1.86 each year in taxes to cover our country’s regular budget dues to the UN.

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