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President's Welcome

What an honor to be President of the UNA-USA Santa Barbara & Tri-County Chapter. As the second oldest UNA chapter, we have quite a legacy to carry forward. Following in the footsteps of Past President Catherine Dishion, I feel honored to continue the work she began. Thank you!


I have always been a supporter of the United Nations, visiting the UN when possible. To me, it was the place for global dialogue and new solutions to world problems. Little did I know, I would meet former UN Assistant Secretary-General, Dr. Robert Muller. His illustrious career spanned 40 years at the UN. We fell in love, married and for the next 17 years we traveled and spoke to many UNA chapters. I felt so close to the thousands of active UNA members whose educational programs were informing and helping their communities understand and participate in the work of the UN.

Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Meet Our Board Members

Tina Alba

1st Grade

Mark Jones

2nd Grade

Reece Peters

3rd Grade

Grace Squires

4th Grade

Aiden Paul

5th Grade

Robert Sanders

6th Grade

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