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Interview with Kehkashan Basu, Global Youth Leader, Environmentalist

Kehkashan Basu,  Global Youth Leader, Environmentalist, TEDx speaker, and

advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Today’s Guest, Kehkashan is an iconic youth leader, an energetic and passionate advocate for a sustainable future.

Listen to hear how at the age of 8 she saw a bird who had died from the plastic it had consumed.

She immediately started canvassing her neighborhood and shops to be less harmful to the environment. At 12 she started Green Hope Foundation, which provides young people in 16 countries a networking platform to engage is the sustainable development process and is currently Founder President.

Believing in the power of every youth to contribute to a cleaner, more healthy world she has been awarded the John Muir Conservation Award for Habitat Restoration, the Ted Turner

Prize for Social Change and is the Youth Ambassador of the World Future Council. 

Everyone can take action! Just listen to this  powerful voice for future generations and 

become the change you want to see in our world after viewing her Peace Podcast watch A Call to Action.


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